Swissbake Probake Bread Improver

• Witness a remarkable boost in the volume of your bread. This improver has been meticulously designed to impart exceptional height and loftiness, resulting in bread that rises to new heights. No more flat or deflated loaves – only impressive, eye-catching results.
• Delight your customers with bread that has an inviting and consistent crumb texture. SB Probake Improver works wonders in creating a soft, fluffy interior that simply melts in the mouth. Every bite is a sensory delight that leaves your customers craving for more.
• Achieve bakery-grade perfection with improved oven spring. This exceptional improver enhances the leavening process, allowing the bread to rise beautifully during baking. Your loaves will emerge from the oven with a desirable golden crust and an airy, light texture that is sure to captivate your customers.
• Suitable for all types of breads, SB Probake Improver is a versatile solution that adapts to your bakery’s diverse needs. Whether you’re baking classic white bread, flavorful whole wheat loaves, or artisanal varieties, this improver guarantees consistent results across the board.
• Save both time and resources with the extremely low dosage of SB Probake Improver. Its economical formulation ensures that even a small amount goes a long way, making it a cost-effective choice for high-volume bread production.

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