Swissbake Kiwi Cake Glaze

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SwissBake Kiwi Cake Glaze: A refreshing burst of kiwi goodness for your cakes.
• Zesty Flavor: Experience the tangy and refreshing taste of kiwi in every bite.
• Vibrant Green Hue: Add a pop of color and visual appeal to your cakes.
• Irresistible Glaze: The kiwi cake glaze elevates the taste and appearance of your desserts.
• Perfect Pairing: Ideal for complementing various cake flavors, especially citrus and tropical ones.
• Easy Application: Smoothly drizzle or spread the glaze for a professional touch.
• Wholesome Ingredients: Made with high-quality kiwi fruit for an authentic taste.
• Unique and Exotic: Surprise your taste buds with the exotic essence of kiwi.
• Versatile Use: Use the kiwi cake glaze on cupcakes, pastries, and more.
• Summer Sensation: Infuse your desserts with the essence of a tropical summer.
• Delightful Treat: Enjoy the delightful combination of kiwi and cake with SwissBake Kiwi Cake Glaze.

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