Kobo Fresh Yeast 500GM

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With innovation as our driving force, Oriental Yeast India has created yeast specifically suited to Nepal’s climatic, baking, and flour requirements. Our cutting-edge facility in India, where we produce KOBO Yeast, follows the strictest production guidelines to ensure food safety.

Premium Quality: We source Kobo Fresh Yeast from the finest ingredients to guarantee superior performance in all your baking endeavors.
Natural Leavening Agent: As a natural leavening agent, this fresh yeast works its magic, making your dough rise to perfection.
Rich Aroma: Experience the delightful aroma that fills your kitchen as the yeast ferments, infusing your baked treats with a tempting fragrance.
Excellent Texture: Kobo Fresh Yeast delivers a soft and fluffy texture to your bread, rolls, and pastries, creating a heavenly eating experience.
Baking Delights: From crusty artisan loaves to tender cakes, Kobo Fresh Yeast brings out the best in a wide range of baked delights.

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